How to Help Maintain Health Goals

CH Reynolds Author

It’s corny but true: When it comes to health transformations, self-love will get you so much further than self-loathing or hate.

Whether you’ve recently made some New Year’s resolutions or you are still working on goals or promises you pictured for yourself before, some of the most important gifts we can offer one another, and ourselves, is: Support and happiness.

We’ve heard it a lot, but it is true: Feeding negativity is like feeding a hungry beast who has an endless pit for a stomach. Negativity can turn from a slight crack in the road to a massive pot hole that disrupts lots of traffic. Sure, a healthy amount of hesitancy (that could be viewed as a negative emotion) is necessary in life to help keep us safe, but positive thinking will help us all get so much further than negative thoughts.

So whatever your goals or resolutions are for yourself, be sure to support yourself and be happy with your progress (same goes for how you should treat everyone around you.)

Support your own self-esteem by reminding yourself that no one is perfect. Mistakes will happen and they’re proof that you’re trying. It doesn’t matter if you slip up, as long as you keep trying.

Support others, even if you have a negative pre-conceived notion about them. Notice someone new in your gym? Simply offer up a friendly passing smile to make them feel more welcome. Take more time to listen to those around you, especially when they tell you about their problems or frustrations – the simple act of listening is great support.

Be happy for others who are trying healthier things and also be happy for yourself with whatever progress you have made toward your own health.

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