CH Reynolds’ Company-Wide Safety Program Is A Way Of Life

CH Reynolds Author

CH Reynolds’ safety program represents a way of life that is always improving. Kevin Smith, Safety Specialist, discusses how the company-wide safety program is implemented.

Kevin Smith
Safety Specialist

CH Reynolds, San Jose

Q: What is your official title at CH Reynolds, and how long have you worked there?
A: I am the company Safety Specialist and have been with CH Reynolds

for one year.

Q: What are the various components of your safety program and how is it administered?
A: The safety program is backed by a full-time safety team who meet weekly. All safety programs are documented in a binder and sent out to each and every job site. Through quarterly safety meetings with

our foreman and superintendent s, we ensure all employees, including management and field employees, understand what the safety programs entail, and how to properly implement the guidelines. Additionally,

we conduct safety trainings and have written policies/procedures that pertain to every applicable safety situation of our business.

Q: What is the initial safety training that CH Reynolds employees go through?
A: All new hires in the field receive initial orientation and training in a number of areas including: HIPP (Heat Illness Prevention Program); PPE (Personal Protective Equipment); housekeeping; ladder awareness;

and the basic fatal four hazards (falls, electrocution, struck by, caught between). Once they enter a job site, they meet with the foremen to receive additional training for onsite requirements and review the

CH Reynolds safety program.

Q: How would you describe CH Reynolds’ safety philosophy?
A: It’s a way of life. In CH Reynolds, it’s commonly referred to as a culture that is always improving. Many new employees hear the word “safety” and they think they could be written up for breaking the smallest of rules. That thinking process is what we’re trying to change to a more team-oriented approach.

Safety is here to ensure you make it home to your family in one piece. This includes informing you of job site hazards, training you on safety regulations, and being a sounding board when you have concerns about your safety or the safety of others. We are always improving our safety culture.

Q: How would you describe your process for implementing the safety program, and how ongoing employee participation in the safety program is encouraged, implemented, and reinforced?
A: When new safety programs are developed or revised, all changes are emailed to employees to make sure everyone in the company is

aware of the new or updated programs. All employees, both field and

management, cooperate for program implementation . If there is ever a question or an issue, the safety team is notified immediately. We have mandatory quarterly company-wide meetings, with a portion of the meeting devoted to communicating any changes to the safety manual to make sure safety programs are understood and clearly communicated.

Q: How has your program grown or changed over the post few years? What’s new?
A: The safety program continues to become much more detailed and comprehensive, and company engagement has improved immensely. The field is more proactive about ensuring the work they do is being done safely. Training has become more readily available for company programs, and overall, safety has become a n intricate part of all aspects of CH Reynolds.

Q: Does CH Reynolds have ongoing training opportunities for safety at a management level?
A: Most management level employees have received training in CPR/First Aid/AED, permit entry conf ined space and non-entr y rescue, trenching and excavation, and other areas. Management is welcome and encouraged to participate in any of the safety trainings, and is always available when it’s needed.

Q: How do your customers view safety and do they see the value?
A: We have been praised time and time again for our safe habits on

job sites. Customers are extremely happy with our programs and our employees’ performance and safety mindset.

Q: If you had to use one sentence to sum up safety training at CH Reynolds, what would that be?
A: If you’re not aware of certain safety procedures, let’s get you trained!