CH Reynolds in Silicon Valley Business Journal

CH Reynolds consistently places well on Top lists for Silicon Valley Electrical Contractors

As seen in the Silicon Valley Business Journal we earned top 5 for the third year in a row.

2018: 5th

2017: 5th

2016: 5th

2015: 7th

2014: 6th

2013: 6th


CH REYNOLDS ENERGY MANAGEMENT DIVISION recently installed the new Cyber Switching Submetering Power Management system with the Energy Management Dashboard software package in its corporate office building to help reduce the costs when PG&E calls for an EVENT DAY to reduce energy usage between 2PM and 6PM.

Several locations were targeted within the 46,000 square foot building and the controls were directed to sync up with PG&E’s Peak Day Pricing Events.


“While we knew the savings would be swift and dramatic, we were astonished by PG&E data analytics proving that we reduced our power use during that time by a whopping 46%!” exclaimed President, Chuck Reynolds.   Translating this percentage into thousands of dollars saved on the building’s electric bill was a nice surprise compared to the shock and awe of earlier electric bills, before using the submetering system.

PG&E created a program to encourage conservation. It’s called Peak Day Pricing and businesses earn badges for saving.  As of this writing, CH Reynolds has received 8 badges in the last five events, and are on the way to earning even more with the ongoing results from submetering and effective power management!   We’re proud to be doing our part to keep California’s energy supply clean and reliable.

“With the increasing costs of electrical power, it makes good sense to install and utilize Cyber Switching’s  power management system to not only realize tremendous cost savings in dollars but to lessen the strain on the national grid and impact on the environment,” remarked Reynolds.

Cyber Switching’s power management solutions are targeted to the small and medium sized commercial buildings.  They are easy to use and very cost effective. CH Reynolds is a preferred vendor of Cyber Switching products.

Quick Facts on Peak Day Pricing

PG&E calls Peak Day Pricing Event Days on especially hot days when the demand for electricity can reach an extreme level.

  • No more than 15 Peak Day Pricing Event Days are called each year. Event Days may be called on weekends or holidays.
  • They can send you an alert by email, text or phone the day before an Event Day, so you can plan ahead to conserve or shift your energy use.
  • PG&E asks your help in shifting or reducing your energy use from 2-6 p.m. on Peak Day Pricing Event Days.

CH Reynolds’ Company-Wide Safety Program Is A Way Of Life

CH Reynolds’ Company-Wide Safety Program Is A Way Of Life


CH Reynolds’ safety program represents a way of life that is always improving. Kevin Smith, Safety Specialist, discusses how the company-wide safety program is implemented.


Kevin Smith
Safety Specialist

CH Reynolds, San Jose

Q: What is your official title at CH Reynolds, and how long have you worked there?

A: I am the company Safety Specialist and have been with CH Reynolds

for one year.


Q: What are the various components of your safety program and how is it administered?

A: The safety program is backed by a full-time safety team who meet weekly. All safety programs are documented in a binder and sent out to each and every job site. Through quarterly safety meetings with

our foreman and superintendent s, we ensure all employees, including management and field employees, understand what the safety programs entail, and how to properly implement the guidelines. Additionally,

we conduct safety trainings and have written policies/procedures that pertain to every applicable safety situation of our business.


Q: What is the initial safety training that CH Reynolds employees go through?

A: All new hires in the field receive initial orientation and training in a number of areas including: HIPP (Heat Illness Prevention Program); PPE (Personal Protective Equipment); housekeeping; ladder awareness;

and the basic fatal four hazards (falls, electrocution, struck by, caught between). Once they enter a job site, they meet with the foremen to receive additional training for onsite requirements and review the

CH Reynolds safety program.


Q: How would you describe CH Reynolds’ safety philosophy?

A: It’s a way of life. In CH Reynolds, it’s commonly referred to as a culture that is always improving. Many new employees hear the word “safety” and they think they could be written up for breaking the smallest of rules. That thinking process is what we’re trying to change to a more team-oriented approach.

Safety is here to ensure you make it home to your family in one piece. This includes informing you of job site hazards, training you on safety regulations, and being a sounding board when you have concerns about your safety or the safety of others. We are always improving our safety culture.

Q: How would you describe your process for implementing the safety program, and how ongoing employee participation in the safety program is encouraged, implemented, and reinforced?

A: When new safety programs are developed or revised, all changes are emailed to employees to make sure everyone in the company is

aware of the new or updated programs. All employees, both field and

management, cooperate for program implementation . If there is ever a question or an issue, the safety team is notified immediately. We have mandatory quarterly company-wide meetings, with a portion of the meeting devoted to communicating any changes to the safety manual to make sure safety programs are understood and clearly communicated.


Q: How has your program grown or changed over the post few years? What’s new?

A: The safety program continues to become much more detailed and comprehensive, and company engagement has improved immensely. The field is more proactive about ensuring the work they do is being done safely. Training has become more readily available for company programs, and overall, safety has become a n intricate part of all aspects of CH Reynolds.


Q: Does CH Reynolds have ongoing training opportunities for safety at a management level?

A: Most management level employees have received training in CPR/First Aid/AED, permit entry conf ined space and non-entr y rescue, trenching and excavation, and other areas. Management is welcome and encouraged to participate in any of the safety trainings, and is always available when it’s needed.


Q: How do your customers view safety and do they see the value?

A: We have been praised time and time again for our safe habits on

job sites. Customers are extremely happy with our programs and our employees’ performance and safety mindset.


Q: If you had to use one sentence to sum up safety training at CH Reynolds, what would that be?

A: If you’re not aware of certain safety procedures, let’s get you trained!

Panduit® Announces Leading-Edge High-Density Fiber Cabling System for High-Performance Data Centers

JULY 11, 2016, LAS VEGAS, NV

Panduit Corp., a leading global provider of data center solutions, today announced the launch of its new HD Flex™ 2.0 Fiber Cabling System. Engineered to provide high fiber density and serviceability for high-performance data centers, HD Flex™ 2.0 will debut at Cisco Live 2016, July 10-14, in Las Vegas, NV.


The latest addition to Panduit’s expansive line of fiber solutions, the HD Flex™ 2.0 Fiber Cabling System, has been designed for ease of integration with existing fiber infrastructure by accommodating fiber cassettes and fiber adapter panels (FAPs) with different port counts within the same innovative enclosure and panel. 6-port or 12-port cassettes and FAPs can be deployed in virtually any combination to achieve up to 144-fibers (LC) or 864-fibers (MPO) per rack unit. This solution enables seamless port migration from 10G to 25/40/50/100G in the same RU space without replacing existing fibers and provides substantial savings.


“Today’s IT managers are increasingly tasked with providing higher data speeds while controlling costs by maximizing return on assets”, said Marc Naese, Senior Vice President of Panduit’s Data Center Business Unit. “Panduit’s groundbreaking HD Flex™ Fiber Cabling System achieves both. It is designed for optimum serviceability and manageability, providing the scalability to increase density as business demands evolve.”


The HD Flex™ 2.0 Fiber Cabling System also provides a clear path for adopting Cisco Nexus* 9000 Series Switches and ACI* 40Gig and spine-leaf architecture with a reliable physical infrastructure. It offers the lowest installation and test costs through the utilization of 12-port cassettes, as fewer cassettes are required per RU of rack space.


Available for immediate delivery, Panduit’s HD Flex™ 2.0 easily integrates with current and future systems through a full line of fiber enclosures, patch panels, cable managers, and zero RU brackets, which allows end-users to deploy HD Flex™ cassettes and FAPs anywhere within the organization.


For a demo of the HD Flex™ System, see Panduit at Booth 3027 at Cisco Live Las Vegas. For more information, or call a Panduit sales representative.



About Panduit
Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that connect, manage and automate the physical infrastructure. Panduit solutions help customers integrate core business systems for a smarter, unified business foundation. Our robust partner ecosystem, global staff, and unmatched service and support make Panduit a valuable and trusted partner. For more information, visit

*Cisco and Cisco Nexus are registered trademarks and Cisco ACI is a trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.

How to Help Maintain Health Goals

It’s corny but true: When it comes to health transformations, self-love will get you so much further than self-loathing or hate.

Whether you’ve recently made some New Year’s resolutions or you are still working on goals or promises you pictured for yourself before, some of the most important gifts we can offer one another, and ourselves, is: Support and happiness.

We’ve heard it a lot, but it is true: Feeding negativity is like feeding a hungry beast who has an endless pit for a stomach. Negativity can turn from a slight crack in the road to a massive pot hole that disrupts lots of traffic. Sure, a healthy amount of hesitancy (that could be viewed as a negative emotion) is necessary in life to help keep us safe, but positive thinking will help us all get so much further than negative thoughts.

So whatever your goals or resolutions are for yourself, be sure to support yourself and be happy with your progress (same goes for how you should treat everyone around you.)

Support your own self-esteem by reminding yourself that no one is perfect. Mistakes will happen and they’re proof that you’re trying. It doesn’t matter if you slip up, as long as you keep trying.

Support others, even if you have a negative pre-conceived notion about them. Notice someone new in your gym? Simply offer up a friendly passing smile to make them feel more welcome. Take more time to listen to those around you, especially when they tell you about their problems or frustrations – the simple act of listening is great support.

Be happy for others who are trying healthier things and also be happy for yourself with whatever progress you have made toward your own health.

Donating Time

Part of CH Reynolds culture is to give back to the community – Recently several employees visited a local homeless shelter for women and children to create crafts with the children and provide and serve a full meal to everyone.

Front Desk Administrator Michi Rodriguez said herself and a few others got the tour of the shelter and talked with the coordinator Maria about the services provided for the women and children that reside there.

“They loved the Chinese food dinner and we got the pleasure of celebrating a little girl’s birthday,” Rodriguez said. “Her mother brought in a ‘Frozen’ cake and she was dressed as Anna from the movie. The kids, and adults too, really got a kick out of doing the crafts. We were happy that we could provide a little holiday cheer for them.”

The InnVision Shelter Network: Commercial Street Inn located at 260 Commercial Street in San Jose accepts donations and is in need of toiletries (such as shampoo, body/ bar soaps, cream rinses, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.), blankets, jackets and towels.

If you would like to find out more about the InnVision Shelter Network and how you can help, visit

“Sensing YOU” & “Sensing WATER” – Illuminating Downtown

Two underpasses in downtown San Jose have been transformed with the help of artist Dan Corson, who began conceptualizing the recently completed project three years ago, CH Reynolds Electrical Senior Project Manager Steve Guyton said. ...

The Santa Clara Street underpass is covered in painted blue circles, and circular lights that change color and the San Fernando Street underpass display is meant to look more like rushing water.

These “Sensing YOU” & “Sensing WATER” installations are defined by over 1000 painted circles and 81 individually controlled illuminated rings that play a variety of patterns and low-resolution mapped video over the ceiling surface of the I-87 highway underpass. The patterns are activated by pedestrians and bicyclists moving through the space- setting off pre-programmed sequences.

“I was given the plans in March 2014. After reviewing the plans and finally understanding this project, I got very excited and I called Dan Corson,” Guyton said.  “I told him that I was the project manager he wanted on this project, and thus, I got the job.”

Guyton said each “halo” light fixture within each installation has an exact location.

“We had to find a company or tool that could take the CAD drawings and convert the drawing into actual physical locations on the underpass,” Guyton said. “We contacted SANDIS who specializes in laser surveying and they performed it admirably.”

Another obstacle for the project were the conduits, Guyton said.

“The original plans showed two different methods,” he said. “One method was to run the electrical conduits in a straight line from “halo” to “halo”.  It was Dan’s request, if we could, to run the conduits in the different arcs as was drawn on the plans.  I searched and found a company that bends conduits and pipes.  In my discussion with Craig from Pipe Bending Cutting and Threading, he said aluminum conduit bends the easiest without any kinking.  They did a fantastic job.  I have never seen conduit bent like this on any project I’ve ever worked on nor seen.

lllGuyton added he thinks the conduits are the highlight of the art project, but that may be because he is an electrician.

“While working on site, we’ve had mixed reviews,” Guyton said.  “We had to close traffic lanes and this always upsets people.  We ignore the obscenities and the horns.  Some of the pedestrians make negative comments saying the money could be better spent on other things.  But none of these people have seen the final project, they only see the painted circles, the disruption of their lives and they don’t understand the entire project. We did have a lot of people that were truly interested and excited.  These are the people we are doing this project for.”

The installations were funded by a $600,000 grant from Our Place America and are part of a larger project called Illuminating Downtown.

CH Reynolds President Shelly Paiva said the company’s team was excited to work with the city of San Jose and Dan Corson to bring these amazing works of art to the city.

“We are known for being able to take unique projects to completion and this is one of those instances where our innovative thinking and can-do attitude was able to bring Dan Corson’s vision to life,” she said.

According to his website, Corson has a Master’s in art from the University of Washington and a B.A. in theatrical design from San Diego State University and his work is infused with drama, passion, layered meanings and often engages the public as co-creators within his environments.