CH Reynolds Author

CH REYNOLDS ENERGY MANAGEMENT DIVISION recently installed the new Cyber Switching Submetering Power Management system with the Energy Management Dashboard software package in its corporate office building to help reduce the costs when PG&E calls for an EVENT DAY to reduce energy usage between 2PM and 6PM.

Several locations were targeted within the 46,000 square foot building and the controls were directed to sync up with PG&E’s Peak Day Pricing Events.

“While we knew the savings would be swift and dramatic, we were astonished by PG&E data analytics proving that we reduced our power use during that time by a whopping 46%!” exclaimed President, Chuck Reynolds.   Translating this percentage into thousands of dollars saved on the building’s electric bill was a nice surprise compared to the shock and awe of earlier electric bills, before using the submetering system.

PG&E created a program to encourage conservation. It’s called Peak Day Pricing and businesses earn badges for saving.  As of this writing, CH Reynolds has received 8 badges in the last five events, and are on the way to earning even more with the ongoing results from submetering and effective power management!   We’re proud to be doing our part to keep California’s energy supply clean and reliable.

“With the increasing costs of electrical power, it makes good sense to install and utilize Cyber Switching’s  power management system to not only realize tremendous cost savings in dollars but to lessen the strain on the national grid and impact on the environment,” remarked Reynolds.

Cyber Switching’s power management solutions are targeted to the small and medium sized commercial buildings.  They are easy to use and very cost effective. CH Reynolds is a preferred vendor of Cyber Switching products.
Quick Facts on Peak Day Pricing
PG&E calls Peak Day Pricing Event Days on especially hot days when the demand for electricity can reach an extreme level.
  • No more than 15 Peak Day Pricing Event Days are called each year. Event Days may be called on weekends or holidays.
  • They can send you an alert by email, text or phone the day before an Event Day, so you can plan ahead to conserve or shift your energy use.
  • PG&E asks your help in shifting or reducing your energy use from 2-6 p.m. on Peak Day Pricing Event Days.