Cisco tasked CH Reynolds to perform a technical assessment of the data center layer 1 installation and perform a compliance review. The CH Reynolds team had previously installed core Cisco networking gear and connected storage for data centers in Richardson, TX and Carrolton, TX. At this point, Cisco asked CH Reynolds to ensure the local Amsterdam third-party installation vendor completed installation activities in accordance with industry standards, industry best practices, and Cisco’s expectations.

As part of the project, Cisco had to complete the initial core network build for the new data center in Almere. Cisco also had to deploy a new Unified Communications System (UCS) device in the legacy data center in Amsterdam.

CH Reynolds performed a comprehensive compliance review on the Almere data center prior to the client going live with data. The compliance review consisted of a cabinet-by-cabinet review of the layer 1 installation of hardware, cabling, and associated materials for the project. CH Reynolds identified any installation deficiencies, and provided training to enhance installation knowledge.

The CH Reynolds team also performed a review of the Amsterdam UCS installations with the legacy data center. Although the legacy core network was installed according to the standards that time, the new UCS equipment was planned for installation using the newer installation standards.

The CH Reynolds team enhanced the third-party installation vendors’ knowledge of expected labeling and cabling installation.

CH Reynolds’ comprehensive data center review identified two significant issues and outlined best practice solutions for addressing each:

  1. The expected floor layout for storage did not match the physical layout identified by the integration engineer. The CH Reynolds team mapped out a proposed layout plan and provided it to the client. The client’s integration engineer then used the feedback from CH Reynolds to revise the original storage layouts and meet immediate storage deployment expectations.
  2. For vendor equipment cabinets deployed in the data center, Cisco required power utilization monitoring. To perform this power-monitoring, a power monitoring device (2in2out) had to be installed between the power source and the vendor cabinet. At the time, the 2in2out device supplier did not produce a model that aligned with the power outlets in the data center. The device supplier recommended using adapters, but CH Reynolds realized that this would create an additional point of failure. CH Reynolds and the client worked with the 2in2out device supplier to define a compatible 2in2out device. By the time this new 2in2out device was received in Almere, the data center (including store devices) was operational. The CH Reynolds team developed and executed the plan to meticulously install the 2in2out devices while the storage devices remained powered and connected. CH Reynolds also created the change management document and obtained technical approval, subsequently remotely managing a meticulous cabinet-by-cabinet cutover to the 2in2out power monitoring while maintaining 100% connectivity.

“The 2in2out devices were installed without incident, and Cisco can now easily monitor vendor cab power at this location”. – Cisco Systems