San Jose, CA

Over time, all businesses need to consider how and when to replace aging or outdated network equipment. Network upgrades not only increase performance and throughput, but they also allow the business to consolidate devices, increase reliability, and take advantage of new features and capabilities. Network refreshes also provide an opportunity to update documentation and organize network closets. As businesses grow, opportunities arise to partner with other businesses. These partnerships work better when both businesses are sharing the same network. Network acquisitions bring their own unique challenges of integrating legacy devices and people.

CH Reynolds Managed Services engineers have experience planning, staging and implementing network upgrades according to the client’s established IT standards. Network upgrades typically touch all functions of the LAN and WAN (routing, switching, wireless and voice). Remote office upgrades include upgrading the WAN routers, LAN switches, console router, wireless LAN controllers and access points. Campus upgrades generally include upgrading the distribution-layer switches, access layer switches, console router, and wireless access points. If needed, existing IP phones will be upgraded to the latest standard as well.

• A typical remote office topology includes two 3800/3900 WAN gateways, a stack of 3750 series switches or a single 6509-E, 2800/2900 series console router, as well as 4400 – 5508 Wireless LAN controllers with 3502i lightweight access points.
• The typical campus topology includes two 6506-Edistribution layer gateways, four to eight 6509-E access layer switches, a 3800/3900 series console router, and 3502i lightweight access points.

In addition to network device refresh, all network upgrades also include configuration standardization and extensive pre-cutover and post-cutover testing to ensure that all existing network functions are working as expected after the network has been refreshed. Partner acquisitions require installing a complete IT network solution for voice and data based on existing standards. Engineers and project coordinators onsite work with various vendors to complete new cable plant installation, network device installation, as well as phone deployment and printer deployment.

Having a dedicated team of network engineers and project coordinators available to perform network refreshes and new installations allows your business to concentrate on what it does best. Our implementation team will work with your design engineers to ensure that all network standards are met, and all network functionality is tested with every install. This process also allows the implementation teams to provide feedback from the field to the design and certification engineers regarding IOS bugs, hardware compatibility and configuration issues.