San Jose, CA

Cisco Systems looked to CH Reynolds to carry out a 10,000-square-foot expansion of an existing data center in San Jose, Calif. The project required extensive upgrading of the existing electrical distribution, including a 1.5-MEG and 2-MEG generator, three ATS’, three UPS’ with paralleling gear, eight PDUs, miscellaneous transformers, and 60 sub-panels. Extensive feeder distribution from 200A to 3000A would also need to be installed, as well as feeders and connections to a new chiller, VFDs, and other HVAC equipment – not to mention provisions for load bank testing with new lighting and related data center wiring.

This project required a high degree of coordination, attention to detail and scheduling. A shut down of the building’s main switchboard for installation and testing would also need to be accomplished without interruption to business.

CH Reynolds installed the LVC infrastructure for the new data center, consisting of 294 Server Cabinet Locations (SCL). For copper connectivity, each SCL received 24 Belden 1701A Cat-5e cables, terminated with Panduit CJ688TP jacks. For fiber connectivity, each SCL received 48 strands of Corning Cable Systems 50um LOMMF, pre-terminated with LC connectors on each end. The main SDF and individual Zonal Network Clusters consisted of a total of (58) CPI SK6099-03 4-post cabinets.

“We were thrilled with CH Reynolds’ work as usual. They promptly and thoroughly completed the infrastructure build-out, as well as minimized the opportunity for any post-construction patching disasters caused by unmanaged changes”. – Cisco Systems

In addition to the infrastructure build-out, CH Reynolds Managed Services Division was contracted for all Layer 1 support, which included installation of all network gear.

CH Reynolds’ Managed Services Division was contracted to “pre-patch” all Zonal Network Clusters to provide day-1 ready services.