CH Reynolds was chosen by Cisco to develop, roll out, and manage the RFID deployment for inventory management production data centers. In support of the RFID deployment, Cisco provided CH Reynolds with a system of scanners and passive barcode tags. The CH Reynolds team had previously managed the deployment of the RFID solution and developed location workflow procedures for data centers in Richardson TX, Allen, TX and Raleigh, NC. The Richardson, TX data center’s RFID deployment was the proof-of-concept validation for the client’s IT domain in 2009. The finalized system was deployed in Allen, TX and Raleigh, NC in 2011.

Since Amsterdam was the first overseas location that Cisco was deploying, CH Reynolds was required to provide training to local third-party technicians.

• CH Reynolds sent its most experienced RFID supervisor to Amsterdam to train the third-party technicians on the full Cisco RFID lifecycle process. That included receiving gear, tagging, scanning, quarterly audits, reconciliations, and issue resolution.
• When the CH Reynolds team departed Amsterdam, the local third-party vendor was well equipped to perform all aspects of the RFID lifecycle process and was able to meet asset inventory goals of 90% or better.

“The asset inventory goals are now reported to Cisco’s leadership monthly and flagged as non-compliant when asset inventory goals fall lower than 90% and/or assets are not reconciled with 30 days of receipt”. – Cisco Systems