San Jose, CA

As a major provider of telecommunications technology, Polycom knows the importance of solid data infrastructure. With a corporate headquarters move looming, Polycom also knew that it needed trusted partners to deliver a quality product on time, with a very tight timeline. After reviewing numerous options, Polycom selected CH Reynolds to handle the data infrastructure build-out for the company’s new five-story headquarters in San Jose, California.

With a mere 10 weeks between the project start and its scheduled completion date, CH Reynolds knew that optimizing the project timeline and aggressively managing it would be essential. If there were any delays at all, Polycom could face major cost overruns and be forced to postpone the opening date for its new headquarters.

By deploying an extra large team during the first five weeks to make parallel progress, CH Reynolds actually finished the Polycom project ahead of schedule. Doubling the resources in the early weeks allowed CH Reynolds to get in and out before the other building trades, ensuring a conflict-free construction zone.

Polycom cut the ribbon as planned on its beautiful 410,000 square-foot office building, complete with a large executive briefing center, a new data center (with a 50 kva ups unit), seven IDF rooms, a full kitchen and coffee bar that seats 250, and six electric car charging stations in the parking lot.

For its part, CH Reynolds installed Cat 6 cables to over 1,500 locations, 811 custom data locations, and 523 center points’ locations for resource cabling. The team also provided and installed 17,000 patch cords and 420 fiber patch cords and built out closets with 700 ft. of ladder rack and 30 relay racks. The backbone consisted of 48-strand MM OM3 fiber and 1,344 Cat 6 connections to all IDF and MDF cabinets’ ties.

“CH Reynolds helped us deal with the hassle of a compressed project timeline by working around the other construction crews. That allowed us to avoid the headaches that usually come with a rapid-turn project like this”. – Polycom